Lunch in the shelter

This week Beth Astle, who used to be a Co-cordinator until she left Bristol, made a very welcome return visit. She said, ‘It’s as if I had never left.’ and spent the whole day working just as she always used to.

9th August

This week we did lots of weeding, and a bit of watering, covered some unused beds, and gave tomatoes and courgettes a comfrey feed. We  harvested runner beans, courgettes, plums, cooking apples and rasberries. We also ate a nice bean salad and some jaffa cakes.

Comfrey Juice

This week we harvested courgettes, a tomato, spring cabbages and 7 french beans. Not too bad for the most difficult vegetable gardening year in memory. We also did some path maintenance, planting, weeding and re-filling the comfrey juice bin.