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Easton Community Garden is open to anyone who would like to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs in a beautiful, quiet corner of Easton / Whitehall in Bristol. The land was cleared of heaps of rubbish, brambles and all the stuff of dereliction in the winter of 2001 and has flourished ever since. We encourage wild-life and bio-diversity, use a no-dig, mulching method and grow naturally according to Permaculture principles. You don’t need to know all the theory to come and join us as we all learn together and look it up in a book if we are not sure about something.

We meet to work every Thursday throughout the year from 11am. There is no membership, no cost and you don’t have to commit to anything, just come when you feel like it. We are a sociable group, stop for tea in the shelter from time to time and share a picnic lunch. At the end of the day we share out whatever harvest is ready to take home.

There is a compost loo in the corner and lots of work gloves but please wear stout shoes and bring a hat when the sun is shining. Please look at the ‘Where we are‘ page to find us.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to your community garden

  1. Hi there, I work in the health and social care department at windmill hill city farm and support a number of volunteers here to get involved with farming and gardening. Your Thursday drop in group sounds great, i was wondering if you have the capacity to accept volunteers who require a little more help to get involved/those with additional support needs such as those suffering from mental ill health? I look forward to hearing back from you. Many thanks, Sam

  2. Hi there, I saw your sign on Stapleton road today. I’d live to get involved but work from 11 on Thursdays. Is there any other way I can get involved? I’d really like to learn how to set up a bit of land for growing on, so that we can use our green spaces in st Judes, which the council has allowed to become overgrown with weeds and littered with rubbish. Some of the older residents have expressed an interest in growing vegetables there and I’d like to help them realise this ambition.

    • Dear Kim, We are offering a Workshop on how to set up and organise a community garden, perhaps you could come to that?
      Day workshop – COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY GARDENING Saturday 27th June 10am – 4pm

      A practical day on the long established and thriving Easton Community Garden in Bristol. Every project is unique and each demands design, inspiration and a sensitivity to the needs of the community of gardeners, we aim to demonstrate these issues. What you won’t learn is how to cultivate veg, plenty of books tell you that.

      Who should come?
      Experienced growers who would like to work with their local community.
      Novice gardeners wanting to initiate a community growing project.
      Community gardeners who seek new inspiration for their project.

      Who will lead the course?
      Cristina Crossingham who has co-ordinated ECG for five years. She is an experienced teacher with many years kitchen gardening experience.

      ‘Easton Community Garden is not just an excellent kitchen garden in itself, it’s also the ideal place to learn about the important differences between a garden and a community garden.’ Patrick Whitefield

      Observe, question, be inspired.

      There will be no more than ten participants. The cost is £40. Contact/Book: criztina@me.com
      FB: Easton Community Garden. http://www.eastoncommunitygarden.org.uk

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